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Spécialiste du tissu lumineux, fibres optiques diffusantes et LEDs sans fil, conçus & fabriqués en France sous brevets

Luminous fabric and fiber optic fabric items for decoration, clothing, special events, architecture...

Publié le 21 Décembre 2013 par MIDLIGHTSUN in luminous fabric, Luminous decoration, luminous fiber optic fabric items for decoration, fiber optic fabric, bright fabric, luminous clothing, luminous event, fiber optic clothes

Ideal for the architects, the decorators designer and special events, as well as for any companies looking for a new light support. FOR YOUR VISUAL PRESENTATIONS AND COMMUNICATION SUPPORT. Conceived and made in France. Require quality.

This patented technology is a weaving optical fibers connected to LEDs and side lighting to make flexible or rigid bright surfaces with very low congestion, low power consumption and long life.

For lighting applications in the field of lighting, communications, security, decoration...

This optical fiber fabric is the most powerful on the market. It is visible in bright light.

Applications include:

. Development of interior design, decoration of hotels, shops, windows ...

. For entertainment, shows, custom luminous stage costumes, product launches, advertising ... : Event agencies, advertising agencies, public relations, installers and retailers, signage and bright visual identities manufacturers.

. In fashion, theater, film sets, advertising media, innovative packaging and originals ...

.Midlightsun works in close collaboration with a studio of costume designer of international reputation, who will be able to realize all your projects.

Whether your project is decorative in nature or even artistic, we will use all means possible to ensure its feasibility and completion as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Luminous Best Wishes

Luminous textil - fiber optic fabric

Luminous textil - fiber optic fabric