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Spécialiste du tissu lumineux, fibres optiques diffusantes et LEDs sans fil, conçus & fabriqués en France sous brevets

Wireless table lams - Cordless table lamp

Midlightsun-Wireless table lamps

Table lamp wireless: PREMIUM RANGE

These lamps wireless upscale are acrylic glass waterproof (IP44) and resistant to shocks. CE standard.

LED module: waterproof and unscrewed, 6 preset colors + white hot, fashion automatic color change, color mode customization.

Diffuser: acrylic glass (Classic Iceberg) PE (Egg), interchangeable and shock resistant.

Dimension: Classic - 135 x 75 mm, EGG - 135 x 105 mm, Iceberg - 135 x 74 mm

Loading tray (included) Multi-Charger (6 lamps), stackable to save space, EVA thermo-molded. Charging time: 5h, autonomy 20h.

Works with remote control only (so that customers do not play with the lights).

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. (professional among the most competitive price)


Wireless table lamps
Wireless table lamps
Wireless table lamps
Wireless table lamps

Wireless table lamps