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Spécialiste du tissu lumineux, fibres optiques diffusantes et LEDs sans fil, conçus & fabriqués en France sous brevets

bright fabrics-Thierry Mugler Parfums - Clarins Fragrance Group
bright fabrics-Thierry Mugler Parfums - Clarins Fragrance Group

Midlightsun-Luminous fabric, fiber optic fabric

Luminous fabric specialist for professionals

Ideal for the architects, the decorators designer and special events, as well as for any companies looking for a new light support. Foryour visual presentations and communication support

Conceived and made in France - Require quality - This luminous fabrics is the only one visible in day light.

Midlightsun is happy to presente you Fiber optic luminous dress forThierryMugler Parfums

advertising Clarins Fragrance Group.This luminous dress was conceived with optical fiber fabric 0.25 mm.

The bright optical fiber fabric is a solution for multiple applications lights in the areas of lighting , communications , security , decoration , showbiz , fashion and clothing ...

The integration of this technique in architecture paves the way to many applications, such as large-area flat light , creating bright glass walls inside or outside ( patented technology ) , and applications to the floor, ceiling and wall.

The light fabric is based on a unique and original technique. This technique helps build fiber blended with other fibers. The fabric thus obtained has values ​​close to those of an ordinary synthetic material properties , but also has the remarkable property of emitting light when connected to a specific electronic module.

The electronic module is powered either by battery or by a small mains transformer (for fixed decoration pieces , etc ... ) or generator for very long lengths / areas.

Depending on the type of electronic unit , the light can be of different colors .

According to the desires of our customers, we have generators emit a single color (called monochrome generator ) or generator RGB : Red - Green - Blue .

To adjust the brightness and vary the texture colors RGB generators we use to control DMX devices and infrared remotes. We can also provide you with modulators.

Jacquard weaving makes the fibers to appear in a predefined pattern . The portion of the fabric on the machine makes the illuminating fiber portions forming the units . The illuminating areas are determined by the intensity of the processing performed by the CNC machine .

The feed of the fabric can be done by LEDs positioned on the end of a slider fabric .

Several achievements have highlighted the potential "big box" of this technique :

- surfaces with uniform illumination to several tens of square meters

- very light structures and slimline

- sources integrated lights and low power consumption

Whether your project is decorative in nature or even artistic, we will use all means possible to ensure its feasibility and completion as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us.


Tel. 06 09 26 51 56

Tel. 02 43 84 49 98

Luminous fabric, fiber optic fabric -Thierry Mugler Parfums - Clarins Fragrance Group

Optical fiber bright fabric jacquard

Optical fiber bright fabric jacquard